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CH Berrycurl's Teddibear of Purrfect Curl

The Selkirk Rex originated with a female blue-cream and white kitten with green eyes and an unusual curly coat. She was found in the Bozeman, Montana Humane Society. Named Miss Depesto, "her whiskers were curly, her ears were full of "brillo" hair, and her body coat looked like a body wave." At 14 months of age, Miss DePesto was bred to a black Persian Male. On July 4, 1988, Miss DePesto not only had six babies, three were definitely curly!

The next year, a black and white curly male was bred back to his mother, and on July 15, 1989, Pest had four kittens. Three curly and one straight haired. The conclusion: Miss DePesto was the locus of a new mutated gene.

Hair samples were sent to genetics experts, along with background information on the origin of the breed. Unlike either the Devon or Cornish Rexes, this gene proved to be dominant.

Because Pest's look was not pleasing, the decision that a more balanced look, similar to the British Shorthair, was to be the desired conformation of the breed.

A more complete description on the Selkirk Rex can be found in CFA's Complete Cat Book.

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